Marissa Mei-Lu
CN (Chinese Name) Yue Ya Jun
Marissa Mei-Lu

Marissa Mei-Lu

Marissa Mei-Lu
DTC (Dossier To China) 12/06/00
DOB (Date of Birth) 03/15/01
DOR (Official Date of Referral) 12/14/01
DOR (Date of Referral: 1st photo & the info by phone/email!) 12/21/01
DOR (Date of Referral: packet with all the info by FedX!) 12/24/01
DOT (Date of Travel: to pick her up) February 11, 2002!
DOT (Gotcha Day: The Day My Little Girl Came Into My Life) February 24, 2002!
On 09/18/01 the photos above were taken
On 09/18/01 Marissa weighed 13.2 lbs
On 09/18/01 Marissa was 24.8" tall
Province Marissa was born in: Hunan
Marissa was 3 days old when found on 03/18/01
Orphange where Marissa lived: YueYang, Hunan Province

UPDATE: Teddy and his daughter Marissa Mei-Lu 12/3/2002 at Disney World!

Marissa Mei-Lu and her Daddy

UPDATE: Teddy and his daughter Marissa Mei-Lu 11/28/2003 at Disney World Again!

Marissa Mei-Lu and her Daddy

UPDATE: Teddy and his daughter Marissa Mei-Lu 11/9/04! Notice the tie?
I got that in China when we went to adopt Marissa!

Marissa Mei-Lu and her Daddy

UPDATE: Teddy and his daughter Marissa Mei-Lu on 1/26/05!

Marissa Mei-Lu and her Daddy January 26, 2005

Marissa Mei-Lu and her Daddy October 26, 2004 Marissa Mei-Lu and her Daddy March 15, 2004 for Marissa's Birthday

UPDATE: On 2/13/05 Marissa's mother took Marissa away from her Daddy
with the first of multiple restraining orders!

As of 5/13/05 I (Teddy) am still fighting this 3rd restraining order
and for visitation rights once the current restraining order is lifted.
Marissa's mother is doing this just to be mean.
My little girl is the one who is suffering the most. :(

UPDATE: Restraining orders ALL lifted as of 6/2/05!! I even got the following cruel allegations ex has made every few weeks THROWN out. March 18, 2005 ex alledged "sexual molestation" by me against my daughter with the State of Florida. The State of Florida dismissed the charges late April 2005 indicating "no indication" such events ever happened. On 3/19/05, ex alledged that I tried to "kidnap" my daughter and got a 3rd restraining order against me (the 1st 2 were dismissed for lack of ANY evidence). As of 6/2/05, I have no more restraining orders against me but ex on 5/29/05 in bankrupcy court alledged that I "stole her identity".

KEEP AN EYE OUT HERE FOR MY UPCOMING DIARY ENTRIES regarding this legal battle for visitation rights and insight into the life of My little girl Marissa Mei-Lu.

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